Quantitative Tools for Business

Creating a foundational set of quantitative skills is critical to an effective MBA experience. But knowing just how to apply a few formulas in Excel is not sufficient for serving as an effective leader. In addition, leaders must be able to craft a compelling executive narrative that appeals to the sensibilities of the audience and influences outcomes. Telling an effective business story is as important as the substance itself. Quantitative Tools for Business is a course that tackles both of these challenges through practical quantitative frameworks, descriptive procedures and real-life case studies. The course is designed to give learners who are proficient in these tools a refresher and those who need a more foundational skill set development an opportunity to build the required competencies to excel in business school and as a business leader.

The Quantitative Tools for Business course fulfills the quantitative foundation requirement for the online MBA program. Applicants with an extensive background may be waived from the quantitative foundation requirement. If you are able to demonstrate sufficient quantitative aptitude in your application, you will be waived from this course. Contact your admissions counselor for more information.