Deferred Tuition Plan

UC Davis offers a deferred tuition plan that reduces students’ financial burdens while they are earning their degrees. Eligible online MBA@UCDavis students have the option to participate in a deferred tuition plan.

Through our partnership with EdAid, eligible students can defer tuition payments during the latter half of their program, up to $52,740, at 0% interest. Only once students graduate, or withdraw from the program, and begin earning a gross monthly income at or above $3,334 per month, will they begin to repay the deferred tuition. Repayments are income-based and set at 10% of gross income. If a student’s income falls below the $3,334/month threshold, repayments will be paused at no penalty.

Benefit Overview:

  • Who Can Apply: Students admitted to the MBA@UCDavis program will have the option to apply for a deferred tuition plan by the beginning of their first academic term. 
  • Application Process: EdAid will determine students’ eligibility based on a comprehensive risk assessment that includes a credit check, identity verification, affordability checks, and your undergraduate cumulative GPA as calculated by UC Davis. 
  • Deferment: Eligible students may defer tuition payments, up to $52,740, for the second half of the required credits for the program. The tuition students may defer is based on the standard number of credits required to complete the program. 
  • Income-based Payments: After completion or withdrawal from the program, payments are set to 10% of students’ gross monthly income. Payments are only due when students’ gross monthly income is $3,334 or more. 
  • Affordability: Should students’ income fall below the $3,334 per month threshold, payments pause at no penalty. If a student has not paid their tuition in full by the end of the 10-year payment term, they will not owe any further payments.
  • Zero Interest: There is no interest on the deferred tuition, so students in good standing will pay no more than the amount they defer.

How to Apply and FAQs

For more information on the deferred tuition plan including how to apply and detailed answers to frequently asked questions, visit EdAid’s UC Davis deferred tuition page or contact an admissions counselor at 844-592-6104 or