MBA@UCDavis Curriculum

“I have been struck by how much I learn every single class. Being able to be excited by new topics, new ideas, new theories, and get fired up about it is really what I’ve been enjoying so much about the program. There’s just an amazing amount of learning opportunities.”

—Eve Marie Lanzo, Spring 2020 cohort

A Curriculum That Promotes New Approaches to Business

The online MBA@UCDavis curriculum is designed to reflect the global demands of modern businesses and encourages you to innovate across a wide range of industries. Live, online courses are led by faculty who have years of industry experience and bring tactical considerations into classroom discussions. Each online session is hosted via our flexible online platform and meticulously designed to promote discussion and collaboration.

Topics are presented through projects, case studies, and simulations to give you hands-on experience with solving real-world business problems. You will also complete the Integrated Management Project capstone course where you will collaborate with peers on the executive team of a simulated startup. During the project you will formulate and defend a strategic vision, integrate various functional areas, stay on budget, and make the necessary trade-offs to compete in a dynamic market.

Why Choose UC Davis?

The online MBA@UCDavis curriculum is built upon three guiding principles to ensure that you’re prepared to breathe new life into your industry when you graduate.


The online MBA@UCDavis program has continued to evolve alongside the business world through updates to course offerings, implementation of new business analytics strategies, and in-person residentials led by senior industry professionals and Graduate School of Management faculty.


The Graduate School of Management impacts the community through its research, teaching, and service activities. UC Davis faculty and staff both inside and outside the University have received recognition for their academic and advisory work.


The curriculum offers a fusion of business education and company engagement though corporate projects, interactions with senior corporate executives through in-person residentials, and faculty engagement with professional organizations in their respective fields.

Learning Outcomes

By the time you graduate from the online MBA@UCDavis program, you will demonstrate five key skills:

Collaborative Leadership: Inspire and motivate co-workers to achieve, help them succeed, and build trust and positive energy toward your organization’s goals.

Ethical Values-based Leadership: Understand how to develop an ethos where leading and evaluating success based on values is the best way to build a high-performance culture.

Analysis and Problem Solving: Develop problem-solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

International and Cultural Understanding: Bring a global perspective to your business world.

Articulation and Critical Thinking:  Build your critical thinking and communications skills to better lead and collaborate inside your company and with clients and customers.

“The ability to take concepts and directly apply them in a tangible way to what I’m doing in my career has been more than I expected. It’s literally happening every class on a near daily basis. I’m actually enjoying just being able to take what I’m learning and applying (it) immediately.”

Imroz Ghangas, Fall 2019 cohort

Highlights of Our Online MBA@UCDavis Curriculum

Our STEM-designated online MBA Curriculum is taught by the same faculty, follows the same curriculum design, and requires the same credit hours as our nationally ranked on-campus MBA program. Core classes provide you with a foundation in the functional areas of business while electives allow you to expand or narrow your interests and go deeper into a subject area, depending on your post-MBA career goals.

The 72-unit program can be completed in as little as 24 months.


core courses
(4 units each)


Selection of elective courses (4 units each)


in-person residentials
(2 units each)


1 integrated management project

An MBA Designed for Your Career Goals

In order to empower you to get the most out of your MBA, UC Davis offers a wide variety of self-guided concentrations and electives to align with your interests. View the full breakdown of available concentrations and electives below.

Concentrations (32 Credits)

  • Business Analytics 
  • Finance
  • Marketing Strategy and Analytics
  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Technology Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product Management

Core Courses

Quantitative Foundation Course

Elective Courses

* STEM-Designated course

In-Person Residentials With Industry Leaders 

In the program, you will attend in-person experiences where you will network with classmates, professors, and business leaders from across the country. Residentials are planned in Davis, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, including engaging learning and team building experiences in nearby venues such as Napa Valley. These residentials pair you with other UC Davis graduate students as well as industry executives to work through first-person case studies.

These case studies are designed to promote collaboration while challenging you to adjust your business perspective and engage in real world scenarios on teams with subject matter experts.

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