The MBA@UCDavis Student Experience

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management is educating the next generation of inspired, results-driven business leaders through an innovative online student experience.

Our online MBA program, MBA@UCDavis, offers collaborative online tools, real-world experiences and personalized support. Online students have access to the same resources and depth of connection to our community as the on-campus programs.

Meet Atrio: An Innovative Digital Campus

The MBA@UCDavis curriculum is delivered on Atrio—a first-of-its-kind digital campus providing an seamless, intuitive learning environment. The online platform combines technology, data and a sophisticated user experience to provide an open, communicative relationship between faculty and students.

Immersive Learning Experience

Weekly, face-to-face online classes in small groups of peers and professors facilitate community and open discussion. Atrio’s dashboard offers an organized view of the entire program providing easy access to coursework, new content and the online classroom. Stream materials directly to your TV for a more personalized learning experience.

Collaborative Digital Environment

Atrio’s feedback tool, CritiqueIt, allows for instant on-screen annotations and video commentary so students can give and receive feedback in real time. Instant collaboration on team-based projects deepens the value of the curriculum and enhances relationships with peers and professors that extends long after graduation.

Interactive Learning On the Go

Atrio is designed to accommodate each student’s personal learning style and pace. The full-service mobile app allows maximum flexibility with access to classes and assignments just one click away. For added convenience, course content is searchable, includes full transcripts and can be watched at a range of speeds.

Self-Paced Coursework

24/7 Access

Interactive Case Studies

Weekly Video Lectures

Collaborative Projects

“I’m glad that UC Davis is the first school in the University of California system to come out with an online MBA program. This is an amazing opportunity because we are all professionals. I get to have it all. I get to have my job, be a mom and further my education. We’re not just learning abstract material. We’re learning skills that we can apply to our job right away; the next day. It’s been a great experience so far.”

– Bee Yang, MBA@UCDavis Student

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In-Person Residential Experience

Students attend two in-person residentials while enrolled in the program. Online MBA@UCDavis multi-day residentials provide students the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates and faculty outside of the online virtual campus.

These in-person experiences provide a setting for students to develop invaluable personal and professional connections. Residentials take place both on the UC Davis campus and in industry-centric locations like Napa Valley in Northern California.

The academic content of each residential features:

  • Guest speakers and presentations
  • Collaborative, team-based assignments
  • Curated reading materials and video recordings
  • Simulated case studies and leadership scenarios

After Graduation: What’s Next?

Our alumni will tell you: Graduation is just the beginning of your journey as an Aggie. Find out where our class of 2022 is headed—and why they’re looking forward to the future.

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